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We offer a full range of Wildix telephone gates (PRI, BRI, FXO, FXS, GSM) integrated with the internal corporate communication system.
With Wildix gateways you can integrate phone lines with VoIP services and analog phones with the Wildix PBX exchange.
The Wildix system is flexible and scalable. It can easily be extended with new modules.

Presserelles BRI

W02BRI: 2 ports ISDN BRI/PoE - 4 canaux de voix

W04BRI: 2 ports ISDN BRI/PoE - 8 canaux de voix

Presserelles PRI

W02PRI: 1 port ISDN PRI - 30 canaux de voix

W02PRI: 2 ports ISDN PRI/PoE - 60 canaux de voix

Presserelles FXS

F02FXS: 2 connecteurs RJ11/PoE - 2 canaux de voix

F04FXS: 4 connecteurs RJ11/PoE - 4 canaux de voix

F24FXS: 24 connecteurs RJ11 + 1 connecteur RJ21/24 canaux de voix

Media Gateways FXO

W04FXO: 4 connecteurs RJ11/PoE - 4 canaux de voix

Presserelle GSM

W01GSM: 1 carte SIM GSM/PoE - 1 Canal de voix


W-PA SIP: PoE; 10W, Sortie audio; diffusion multicast & intracom; support pour interphone ou contact relais

Wildix PRI, BRI and FXO telephone gates allow to connect ISDN and analog lines to Wildix VoIP exchange.
The W01GSM gate allows you to make calls and send SMS through any mobile operator using a SIM card.

W-PA integrates the telephone network with the internal communication system (the so-called intercom) and enables sending alarm messages to all terminal devices at the same time (the so-called multicast). It is a perfect solution for large commercial areas (shopping malls, supermarkets, airports and hospitals).
W-PA is part of the Unified Communications system, which ensures that information reaches wherever it is needed, regardless of the size of your business or institution.