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Wildix Business Intelligence - artificial intelligence services

WBI is an innovative set of services, which thanks to artificial intelligence allow companies to automate and simplify everyday processes and communication.

  • Individual assistant - user status reports
  • TTS (text-to-speech) Lite
  • Dynamic TTS in the telephone plan
  • Worldwide phone book
  • Automatic exchange - IVR live voice - selecting name using
  • ASR (automatic voice recognition)
  • Voice mail with transcription - speech-to-text
  • Calling up transcriptions and recordings in uiconf mode - text-to-speech (soon)

Individual assistant - user status reports

A personal assistant is an AI (artificial intelligence) voice service that informs callers of the current status of the user, the message about the status of the user and the duration of the status, if available.

What did you have to do so far to inform callers about your plans and status?
Until recently, a special greeting had to be recorded at the voice mail in case you were busy or unavailable.
From now on, all you need to do is set your user status and specify a status message and duration.

This is how it works:

TTS (text-to-speech) Lite

With the Text-to-Speech (TTS) function, you can generate sound files in different languages by converting text into speech. Simply write your text, select your voice and generate an audio file. You can adjust the volume and pitch of the sound. Save the file when you're happy with the version and use it in Dialplan when you need it.

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Dynamic TTS dans Dialplan

Dynamic TTS in telephone plan The live IVR voice function enables dynamic generation of interactive voice responses using the Text-to-Speech function in Dialplan and supports the use of variables. Sound files are generated directly when you execute the Dialplan context. Thanks to the support of variables such as $ {CALLERID (name)}, you can create interactive voice responses, create database queries, run scripts, and more.

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Worldwide phone book

Worldwide catalog

With a worldwide caller name search service, you will always know who is calling, even if the person is not in the company's phone book or is calling from another phone number.

If the caller does not figure in the co-workers phone book or in the company's available phone books, the system searches online resources.

Automatic exchange

Automatic exchange - IVR live voice - selecting a name using ASR (automatic voice recognition). This service is a real human-computer interaction. Thanks to the automatic speech recognition (ASR) function, callers can only interact with the system using their voice.
The automatic supervisor asks the caller to tell the name of the person he/she is looking for. Callers can interact with the system using their voice and decide whether to continue searching or make a call.

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Voice mail with transcription

Voice mail with transcription - speech-to-text

Sometimes you are in a meeting and do not have the opportunity to listen to an important voice message you have just received. From now on, you can read and respond to voice messages using the Speech-to-Text service directly in your email.

Recording calls and transcription (soon)

Recording calls and transcription of ubiconf recording - Speech-to-Text *** Soon! ***

Saving the messages of all recorded calls allows you to easily search for important information.

In the same way, saving a transcript of a ubiconf conference allows you to prepare a written summary of the meeting within minutes, easily find an important item or topic and accurately determine who said what.