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We offer telephony system

We offer DECT wireless telephony system for short distances.

IP DECT wireless telephone

IP DECT wireless telephone

Wildix W-AIR is a reliable wireless telephony solution for business. It has a notification function and an alarm function with a DATI (isolated employee call button) alarm button that can be used/configured to trigger an alarm and position it on secure dedicated frequency bands.

W-AIR technology is based on the CAT-iq protocol, which allows data and voice to be transmitted over a radio channel, offering a wide range of features such as viewing shared folders and attendance status.

CASE W-AIR - DECT headset

The W-AIR headset is ideal for situations where mobility and continuity of communication are essential - airports, shopping malls, warehouses and multi-level offices. With this headset, you can move freely across the entire range without worrying about call interruptions or sound quality.

Description of the set:

  • CAT-iq
  • possibility to connect multiple DECT headsets
  • rejecting and suspending calls
  • volume control and mute
  • call duration: up to 7 hours
  • battery charging time from 0 to 50% of capacity: 90 min
  • battery charging time from 0 to 100% of capacity: <4 hours
  • battery life in standby mode: 100 hours
  • HD audio quality
  • elimination of acoustic echo
  • noise/disturbance-reducing microphone

DECT Wildix telephones

DECT Wildix telephones

W-AIR 150, W-AIR 70 and W-AIR 100 are Wildix wireless phone models integrated with VoIP system. These models feature a wide signal range, thanks to a system of base stations and signal multipliers. Easy to install and configure.


All functions of the W-AIR 100 + device

  • Bluetooth
  • employee's personal alarm function
  • “pull cord”
  • IP65


All functions of the W-AIR 70 + device

  • 2" screen
  • resolution of 176 × 220 pixels
  • vibration mode
  • PTT (push to talk)
  • strap eye


  • 1.44" screen
  • resolution of 128 × 128 pixels
  • indication of availability/occupancy of co-workers
  • automatic roaming (200 base stations)
  • HD audio quality
  • shared phone book
  • CAT-iq
  • external loudspeaker
  • 3.5mm jack headset port
  • protective case with strap eye and magnetic flap