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We offer a wide range of Wildix switches that provide the best performance for your corporate network using VoIP technology. Network switches are easy to install and use, and LED indicators help you monitor the status of your device, each port, and link activity. It is possible to connect the switches with each other.


5-port (4 OUT ports) Gigabit PoE Extender

  • 1 port IN : jusqu’à 30W
  • 4 ports OUT : jusqu’à 15W par port
  • Aucune prise secteur nécessaire


8-port PoE Gigabit Unmanaged Switch

  • 8 ports PoE Gigabit
  • Green Ethernet (802.3az)
  • Alimentation PoE : 140W


16-port Gigabit Unmanaged Switch

  • 16 ports PoE Gigabit
  • Green Ethernet (802.3az)
  • Alimentation PoE : 260W


24-port PoE Gigabit Switch + 2 SFP ports, managed

  • 24 ports PoE Gigabit
  • 2 ports SFP Gigabit
  • Green Ethernet (802.3az)
  • Alimentation PoE : 400W


16-port SFP Gigabit Switch

  • 16 ports UTP/SFP combo Gigabit
  • 2 ports SFP Gigabit

Advantages of using the switches include:

  • improving the performance of network
  • independent data bandwidth and reduction of collisions in the network
  • minimizing the network load
  • automatic adjustment of the work to the number of users and the number of identified errors
  • possibility to build virtual VLANs that allow users to gather into separate/isolated/independent groups, regardless of their physical location

Wildix switches with PoE function

Wildix VDSL amplifier with PoE function

The Wildix VDSL PoE Extender allows you to extend your network over long distances (up to 500 m) by using your existing telephone cabling to provide broadband connectivity to previously inaccessible locations.
VDSL PoE Extender also enables power supply to other devices using PoE technology.