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We create new standards of communication in customer service

WebRTC is a professional business communication solution based on technology that provides unified communication in website areas and is an excellent marketing tool for modern business.

WebRTC technology allows for:

  • online communication on a website by means of a chat window
  • audio and video calls
  • web-based videoconferencing
  • screen sharing
  • file transfer

A unified communication system fully integrated with the company's website provides greater sales opportunities.

Thanks to the use of WebRTC Kite solutions you have the possibility of direct communication between the corporation and the client, the corporation and its branches, the corporation and sales agents, the consultant (seller) and the client.

The advantages of WebRTC Kite include:

  • real-time communication within network
  • no plug-ins or downloads required
  • working on all browsers
  • excellent quality of communication
  • streamlined holding of web conferences
  • file transfer speed

Wildix WebRTC: Kite

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