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Manage phone calls on your terms

We offer a Cloud PBX service and Hardware PBX, which will improve the quality and mobility of your company's calls.

You can use many functions provided by the PBXs:

  • automatic rules for queuing and switching calls according to the company needs
  • routing incoming calls outside office hours
  • setting the order of redirecting the calls when a given number is not answering
  • routing calls to any landline or mobile numbers worldwide
  • a common network of short extension numbers
  • free calls within the network
  • individual adaptation to business needs in the event of an increase or decrease in the number of calls

The advantages of using our Cloud PBX telephone exchange services and the Hardware PBXs:

  • unrivaled HD call quality
  • simple and quick configuration
  • reducing the cost of calls
  • simple operation for everyone without the assistance of IT specialists
  • all parameters can be set intuitively
  • mobility and permanent accessibility under an extension number
  • possibility to hold conferences online wherever you are

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