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We provide Uc&C solutions tailored to the individual needs and size of your business

Uc&C solutions are modern internal communication systems used on many different devices through one interface.
In this respect, we offer proven tools that increase mobility, efficiency and comfort of communication for any business.

Integration of landline and mobile telephony as well as IT systems allows for:

  • optimal use of the company’s resources
  • real-time monitoring of employees' status
  • structuring the communication process
  • creation of a common database
  • access of employees in the home office system to all business applications and databases of the company, as well as video conferences
  • improvement of communication between mobile devices, regardless of the browser, which is important for mobile employees (on business trips, moving between customers)

The advantages of our Uc&C solutions include:

  • simple, instant and secure communication between employees in different corporate offices around the world
  • instant data and information flow across the company
  • development of the system along with the development of the company
  • intuitive interface
  • services tailored to actual needs

Each user can access the system from any location using any device, regardless of the operating system and without the need to install software.

Standard features in our Uc&C solutions:

  • geolocation
  • status of attendance
  • chat, audio, videoconferencing
  • desktop sharing and file sharing
  • Post-it button
  • Post operator
  • common address book
  • advanced encryption system for secure communication

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